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If you where to type “Kids Yoga” into any internet search engine right now you would find THOUSANDS of sites. This is amazing!! A beautiful reflection of how the world is changing. Can you feel it in the air? Can you see it reflected in the children of today?
Its easy to focus on all the negative’s of today’s world compared to what it was like a couple generations back..
But, lets take a minute to feel the gratitude for all the positive changes…
The integration of kids yoga into the main stream media is definitely a wonderful example of this.

Did you know what yoga was when you where younger? Did you have access to it even if your parents weren’t interested in it?
I witness these little beings ABSORB, GROW, and BLOSSOM weekly. They are sponges and full of the greatest potential to change the course of the world as we know it.

I lived at Kripalu Yoga Center in Western Massachusetts USA for many years and one of their main focuses is awakening to the practice of “Yoga Off The Mat”.
How can we integrate these practices into our daily lives, share them with our family…bring awareness and consciousness to our mundane daily activities.
How often do you take a collective breath with your child, your family?
This practice is unbelievably beneficial and can be used as a tool to center, reconnect, reflect, honor, bless and much more.
Here are a couple ideas of how to practice yoga off the mat within your daily life. If you are already doing some of these practices..wonderful.. if you have experience with others that aren’t written here please SHARE in the comment sections..

Family yoga off the mat

Take collective breaths
–Before meals or any activities together
–Any time the energy feels out of control

Chant OM together

Take time to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you
–Randomly pull over to watch the sun set
–Have real flowers in your home and be sure to smell them at least once a day

Find ways to bring the sacred and ritual into your lives
–Hold hands and give thanks before meals
–Consciously do one positive, selfless thing for each other once a day/week

Embark on family seva ( service) vacations
–Help out around your community
–Volunteer while on vacation

Find ways to integrate the words YES and LOVE into your day more

There are so many more… Please share your experiences with this or any ideas you have..

January 8, 2010

Yoga literally means “union”(union of our body, mind and spirit) and practicing yoga benefits our being on all three of these levels. Physically it strengthens and stretches our bodies helping with balance, coordination and flexibility. The postures are designed to offer an inner workout as they massage our internal organs and stimulate our glandular system, balancing our hormones and our state of mind. Aside from being physical practice, yoga is also a science and way of life that connects us with our environment, awakening a deep sense of compassion and universal love for all creatures on this planet.

I was introduced to yoga ten years ago and looking back I’m amazed at the positive changes I see in my life since then. For five of those years I have been teaching children yoga and witnessing the changes blossom within them at such an early age. It makes me wonder what my life would have been like if I was introduced to these practices in my childhood. Would I have made different choices when confronted with the option to experiment with drugs and alcohol if I had a deep connection to my body and its potential? Would my teen years have been less dramatic if I understood what hormones are, how they affect me and actually had the tools and knowledge needed to take on responsibility to do something about it?
These are just a few of the many benefits of practicing yoga both on and off the mat. It?s enough to show me how important it is to share this practice with children, offering them the tools they need to get the most out of their lives… tools I?m sure that many of us adults wish we were offered in our youth.


I’m so excited to welcome you to my new kids yoga blog!

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I strongly feel this is one of the most important tools we can share with our children and I feel deeply blessed every time I teach a class.

I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of this topic with you.


Nikki Nandinii

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